Be the #momboss of Your Day!

I recently started offering free 30 minute Time Budget Analysis Sessions to help busy moms get control of their time so they can accomplish all of their responsibilities and stay sane (and even be successful and happy at the same time!).  I wish I started doing these calls sooner because I am so inspired and amazed at what we women are capable of!  It’s truly amazing.  

 How to be the #momboss of your day by Emily Swanda of EMproved Life

The sheer number of tasks that we need to accomplish each day is mind-boggling!  No wonder we are sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, and sometimes paralyzed to even attempt to get control of our days.   

When your alarm clock goes off early in the morning do you have an action plan in place?  

Do you know what you’re doing and when and where?  

Do you know what it the highest priority and what can wait until tomorrow, if necessary?  

Do you know your main goal that you’re working towards?  

In order to use each of our days that we are blessed to have to their greatest potential, we need a plan.  A plan with a capital P!!  Let’s break down exactly how to plan your day.

Planning Your Day so YOU are in Control

I always like to start with determining what your goals are because our goals become our guiding light as to how we need to spend our time.  You need to have a clear target in front of you so you know where you’re aiming.  Our goal becomes our target.  

When determining what your goals are, keep in mind your values and priorities in life.  All of your goals should match up with your values and priorities or else you are working toward an end result that won’t bring you satisfaction and happiness.  To me, that sounds like a complete waste of time!  

Each of your goals should matter to you.  Don’t set goals for yourself because you think that should be your goal or it’s what other people think should be your goal. You need to stay true to yourself.

Once you have your goal decided on, break it down into very small, bite-sized tasks.  Each task should be so simple and require only small chunks of time to complete.  I like good old-fashioned pen and paper to complete this step.  I list out every possible task that is required in order for my goal to be reached.  

This includes anything I will need to do, to learn, to stop doing, to buy, to delegate, etc.  When going through this step, don’t be overwhelmed when your list is a page or more long.  You will shrink this list every single day!

Now that you have your goal broken down into small tasks, you can plug 3-5 tasks into each of your days.  I don’t recommend doing any more than 5 tasks per day to eliminate overwhelm and burnout.  Just like the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise wins the race.  

If you get overzealous and think you’re going to crank out 10 tasks everyday, and then you start to lose steam, it causes you to mentally get discouraged and think negative thoughts about your abilities.  When this happens, you run the risk of losing confidence in yourself and in ever accomplishing this goal.   

This is why the majority of people never reach their goal.  They lose that motivation that they had at the beginning when things get tough and they feel like it’s a worthless battle.  Don’t let that be you!!!!  NOT THIS TIME!  

I always plan out my day the night before so when the alarm goes off I know exactly what I’m doing.  I hate wasting time wondering around lost when that time could be better spent accomplishing something.  A minute here, a minute there, it all adds up!

Start with all time bound commitments and plan your other 3-5 tasks around those times.  Maybe you have time during a child’s practice or piano lessons to squeeze in a 20 minute task.  Don’t underestimate these small bits of time. All the work you accomplish in those 20 minutes is still a step closer to your goals.  

In addition to having 3-5 daily tasks, I like to have a weekly review once a week on Friday to evaluate my progress.  This is a great way to check in with yourself and to hold yourself accountable to what you set out to do.  Do you need to reduce the number of daily tasks to only 2 or 3?  Do you need any support or accountability to keep you going?  Do you need to switch goals altogether?    

I do the same thing on the last day of the month to see if I’m on track for hitting my monthly benchmark, which will eventually lead to my annual goals.  

It’s so easy to only see the monstrous task in front of you and get stuck before you even begin.  I can’t stress enough the importance of breaking everything into small bits and pieces.  It’s amazing how it all comes together in the end, and if you aren’t happy while you’re going through the process, then what’s the point?

One last thing I want to mention about planning your day, and it’s crucial....  Always plan in at least 15 minutes of self-care time.  This could be waking up early enough to enjoy your cup of coffee in peace and quiet before everyone wakes up.  Or it could be reading a book or going for a walk.  Anything that shows yourself that you matter too.  

I know you desire to accomplish big things and make an impact in the world. I know you want to be a wonderful mom and also achieve your own personal goals.  You have so many gifts and talents to share with the world but you just need time to do it.  You have that time, it just may be buried right now with other things.  With a little thought and lots of planning, you can make your time work for you and your dreams.  

If you are interested in having your own Time Budget Analysis Session with me, book your free call here.  I’d love to chat with you and set you on your path to success and happiness.  We're not meant to go through life on our own without support, so I'm here to help!  I personally went from a life full of chaos and stress to a life of clarity, calm and success.  I'd love to share my knowledge with you. 

Here’s to your remarkable mom-life!


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