Ready to Finish off 2016 with a BANG!?

Less than 100 days til the calendar flips over from 2016 to 2017! (95 days, 13 hours and 21 minutes to be exact!) I am making my "last minute" checklist of the goals I want to achieve by year end because I don't want to waste a minute of 2016.

When that ball drops and the champagne is poured, I want to look back on 2016 with fondness and pride. I don't want to have the nagging voice in my head saying I dropped the ball on my goals (no pun intended).

So now is the time to pick up the pace or regain your motivation if you've slipped off track a bit. Don't beat yourself up if you're not where you want to be yet. The important thing to remember is that you are trying and each of the remaining 95 days will be getting you closer to your desired outcome.

Go ahead and pull out a pen and paper and list the things you still want to do or accomplish before the year is over. If you wrote out New Year's Resolutions last December, get those out and review them. Gauge your progress and level of achievements of this year and then step it up a notch.

Think of it like a long endurance race: you are coming up to the last quarter of the route so you know the end is close. Put forth a little more effort and a little more mental energy. Only let positive thoughts into your mind and shove out all the rest. Get laser focused on the feeling you want to have when the clock strikes midnight.

 Ready to Finish off 2016 with a BANG!?

Visualize it in detail....the smile on your face, the reaction of those you love when they learn of your accomplishment, the energy you feel to tackle anything, the happy energy bubbling up inside of you. All these feelings and sensations can be yours with a little planning, smart choices, motivation and a positive mindset.

Last year on September 28th after a really good run, I decided that I would run every single day for a whole year. 365 day of consecutive running!

Could I do it? Would I be able to keep up that level of commitment in addition to everything else in my life? I love weight training and wasn't willing to give that up, so I'd have to do both. I had several races and half marathons planned in my calendar already. Would I be setting myself up for failure? Was I going to be able to keep a balanced life if I added one more daily TO-DO to the mix?

These are all the questions that came to mind after I first decided to do this challenge. It's crazy how optimistic I felt when I first announced my new goal, but almost immediately all the negatives and the self doubts began creeping in. It seems all too common for us to doubt our abilities and our level of success.

Are we afraid to set the bar too high in case we come up short? Do we feel guilty when setting high goals because we fear that means we aren't happy and grateful for what we have? Does mom-guilt keep us from committing to our own goals?

I think the answers to these questions can only be answered on a personal basis because we each have our own set of beliefs and mindsets. But I decided for me, that I wasn't going to let the "negative Nancy" inside my head keep me from experiencing the feeling of accomplishment of a big goal.

I dug my heels into the ground and announced to myself (silently....I don't talk out loud to myself......well, almost never, ha!), "In rain or shine, sleet or snow, tired or rested, morning or evening, in sickness and in health, unless death stops me, I will run for 365 days straight."

And here I am today. An entire year older and wiser.....and so much more proud and confident in myself. And that, is what it's all about. Believing in ourselves and not giving up. Taking it one day at a time is really all you need to do.

I hope you come up with a way to make the rest of this year truly amazing so you can celebrate whole-heartedly on December 31st. Set those goals high and make them BIG! You've got this!!

If you want some help getting started, book a FREE life strategy call with me now. We will map out a game plan that is personalized for YOU and then you too, can feel the wonderful feeling I have right now after accomplishing my goal. Trust me, you want to feel this feeling!!