Dreams, and Desires...and Doubt, oh my!


I believe we all have desires and dreams for a reason. If we shine light on this desire, focus on it, pursue it, and make it come true, then we are able to bring value to the world.  

For example, I had a desire to help families who were struggling to keep up with their house cleaning tasks and focus on their priorities, so I created a cleaning business.  I am able to provide great value to these families and allow them to live the life they desire.  

More recently I had the desire to help women design their version of a successful, productive life.  I get to work with them on a deeper level and help them work towards goals that bring them satisfaction, fulfillment and a sense of purpose.  I am creating my dream by pursuing my desires.  

These two desires I had wouldn’t have become reality if I had played it safe and buried the dream down deep in my mind.  I had to work hard to make them come true but it was so worth it in the end.  I wouldn’t be able to help people in the ways my gifts and talents allow me to if I hadn’t taken a leap of faith.  


Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

We all know how scary and uncomfortable it is to get outside of our comfort zone to tackle a big goal.  

That’s when those inevitable doubts begin to creep in and try to derail us. Our brains are trying to be nice.  They are doing their job of keeping us safe and sound and protected from harm.  Because we know that we aren’t in any true harm, it becomes our job to shut off that voice in our mind so we can work towards creating our dream and following our desires.  We can do that will intention and a plan.

1) First, visualize what you want to have in your life and then imagine how you will feel as you have it.  Visualize yourself living life having achieved your dream.  What do you see?  Who are you with?  What is going on around you?

Keep those feelings close to you as you work daily on your goal.  They will be they key to your success.  

2) As you work towards your goal making tiny little progress each day, don’t forget to look for the success you’ve created so far.  Even the smallest things count!  It is so amazing to feel proud of yourself.  I think it is one of my favorite feelings.  I feel proud of myself when I create the certain result I wanted to reach.  It becomes fuel to keep going.  

3) Also, end each day with gratitude.  Thank yourself for being a bad ass.  Give yourself gratitude for pushing through the hard times when it would’ve been so much easier to quit or take a break.  

I also like to keep in mind who and what helped me achieve my success.  No one can do it alone.  We all need some support and encouragement from others.  Being grateful for everyone and everything that helped you achieve your progress so far can really help you keep things in perspective and not get too internally focused.  


It’s ok to Want More out of Life

Many of us, myself included, can sometimes get hung up on the fact that we feel like we shouldn’t want more from life.  We believe that that makes us selfish or ungrateful for the life we currently have.  Our current life is often a good one, but just not as great as we believe it could be.  We then shut down our thought process from even coming up with a big goal and dream to work on in the first place.  We end up settling.  

I would like to encourage everyone to want from a place of abundance versus a place of scarcity.  Just because you are striving to design an even better life does not mean you are dissatisfied with your current life.  For example, you don’t have to be dissatisfied with your current job in order to want a new job.  You can be satisfied with your job but know that you could be doing so much better somewhere else, doing something else.  

It’s a beautiful thing that we get to have what we want simply because we want it.  No justification is needed.  Think about what you want.  Why do you want it?  The only thing that matters is your why.  Why do you want this?  And then ask yourself, “do you like your reasoning for wanting it?”  That’s all that matters.  You don’t have to justify it.

We bury our desires underneath our doubts and then we never really get to experience creating our desires because we don’t believe it can happen.  We fail before we even have a chance to succeed.  I hate the idea of failing but I would hate the “what ifs” even more.  

For today, I want you to allow yourself to dream.  Try to come up with 25 dreams...things you want the most.  

You will naturally limit yourself.  Your brain will automatically give you all the excuses as to why it can never happen…..BUT, if you go ahead and shut that voice off you will be left with only the thoughts that will help you make it come true.

When I’m working on a big, crazy dream I allow all the doubts to come up and then I write them down and put them in a drawer.  I know they’re there, but they can’t get to me.  

The doubt and desire are a team.  They come as a pair and you get to choose who you let in.  You have the desire for a reason.  If everyone actually did what was in our hearts think of how happy our world would be.  If we give in to fear and doubt and don’t give in to our dreams and desires, then we are not fully living the life we were given.


Discover Your True Potential

Staying in our comfort zone allows us to avoid our doubts but we end up only living a mediocre version of what is actually our potential.  

If you fail going after your dream you still win!  By avoiding the discomfort and risks associated with pursuing your dream you actually fail ahead of time and you are guaranteed your result…...not achieving your dream.  

How committed are you to your own desires?  Do you honor your desires or do you push them away and are you happy with that?  

Honor your dream over your doubt.  In the end, you are honoring yourself, and that is a major achievement!!!

You have the desire, but you also have the ability to make that desire a reality!