How to Get What We Want By Using Goals

 I am obsessed with goals and goal setting. I use goals as my roadmap to success and without a goal I feel lost, unfocused and confused. Can you relate? Continue reading How to Get What We Want by Using Goals from Emily Swanda

I am obsessed with goals and goal setting. I use goals as my roadmap to success and without a goal I feel lost, unfocused and confused. Can you relate?

Goals help us stay focused, motivated and disciplined to work hard. Having a specific goal in mind gives our brain a specific purpose to fixate on which in turn helps keep our mind from wandering around aimlessly.

When our brains don’t have a point of focus they often will dwell on negativity and unproductive thought patterns. If left unchecked, it can cause us some real struggles in life. (depression and anxiety, anyone!?)

I like to keep my brain busy doing valuable, good work so it doesn’t have the opportunity to run around chaotically and make a mess of things.

If you’re setting goals that are a little outside of your reach (and I hope you are because that's where the magic happens!) then you will have to overcome lots of obstacles along the way. This is a good thing and not something you should shy away from.

You will probably have to learn new skills, possibly meet new people, travel to different places, and experience different situations that you otherwise wouldn’t have experienced.

At the end of your journey when you finally accomplish your goal (or even if you didn’t accomplish it), you will notice that you feel like a new and improved you. Setting goals continuously will push us to develop into the next best version of ourselves. The actual end result isn’t even necessarily the most important part of the process.

Can you imagine living in a world where everyone was constantly working on a big goal and striving to become better than they were yesterday? It would be amazing. More people would be living life on their terms, feeling happy, content and peaceful.

When working with my clients I ask them to journal about what they want their future life to be like. I ask them to be very specific and explain all areas of their live. Who is in your life, where do you live, what is your physical environment like, how do you feel, how do you spend your days?

We use this journal entry as a starting place when setting their goals. Once you see what you ultimately desire in life, then you can work backwards and figure out what you need to do in order to live that life.

This is not the time to ask yourself “how” you will make all this happen. This is the stage when you just see what goals you will need to achieve in order for this dream life to happen.

When you decide on your goal it’s important to write it down and be a specific as you can. The more details the better!

After you’re done with that step, then you can write out your action plan. This is a crucial step that is often overlooked or hurried over. You need to be extremely specific as to what you need to learn, to do, stop doing, delegate, etc.

To keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed it’s important to break the big goal down into smaller projects. Focus on each project one at a time and break it down into all the tasks that are needed to achieve that project.

I also recommend that you use a planner or a task manager and plan out when you will do each of these tasks. It really helps you stay accountable to yourself when you see actual deadlines and due dates for each action step. I recommend planning only 2 or 3 mini tasks each day so it stays manageable.

I wish you all the best in setting those goals and crushing them!! Let me know if I can help you in any way. I absolutely LOVE this stuff and would enjoy talking with you.