How organization allows us to reach goals

I see two specific ways organization helps us reach our goals.  First, by organizing our time and second, by organizing our physical space.


In organizing our time and using it in the most efficient way, we will end up with more time and energy to work on our goals.  When you have a pre-determined plan to follow all you need to do is look at your plan and take action.  You would be surprised at how much time it takes to figure out what to do next at the spur of the moment versus already knowing what you will be doing next after you complete your current task.  You end up moving throughout your day smoothly and with minimal effort.


Goals are crucial to success. If you don't have clear goals, you can never know when you've achieved success and you’ll never know for sure how you should be spending your time. In both business and personal life, goals determine what we want to achieve.  


As far as organizing your physical space to help you reach your goals, I always recommend keeping it simple.  It is so easy to end up with boxes, files,  drawers, and documents on your computer or phone that you never use.  These things will always be in your way or just a visual distraction as you are working.  A few questions to ask yourself:

  • do really I need it?
  • do I have time to use it?
  • does it fit my style and personality?
  • will it help me reach a goal?


Where you choose to work is also very important.  Even if you are working at the kitchen table make sure you have all of your materials readily accessible.  I personally love my Thirty-One Fold n File tote and it has become my “mobile” office.  


I challenge you today to evaluate your physical working space to make it work “with you” not “against you”.