How organization lowers stress

I have always been very sensitive to clutter and disorganization.  In order for me to feel like I’ve got it under control I must have a nice, tidy, organized space.  


Disorganization is like a constant reminder that you don’t have your stuff together.  And if you’re like me, that your life is falling apart.  (just joking…..kinda).  


I feel like if I try to work in a messy place, all the things are yelling at me like, “hey, you need to be put away.”  or “you aren’t doing a good job keeping up with everything...look at this place!”  It’s just a lot of mental noise in my head, almost like when I’m trying to work and one of my sons keeps trying to talk to me or ask me to do something.  I just can’t focus.


Clutter is usually a sign of delayed decision making.  You don’t want to think about that item now, so you set it aside for later.  This keeps happening day after day and before you know it you have a big problem on your hands.


If you can get in the habit of making immediate decisions you will notice a huge drop in the clutter and also a huge drop in your stress level.  You won’t feel like you’re falling behind on even the littlest things, you’ll feel confident that you’ve got this!


But the good news is, getting organized is easy and a very simple way to reduce your stress and improve the quality of your life!  


I challenge you to look around your space and write down all the delayed decision-making you’ve done and then decide to conquer it!!