How to pivot through obstacles to reach our goals


Isn’t it annoying how obstacles and challenges get in the way every single time we work towards achieving a new goal?  I mean, when I envision myself living my life having accomplished my goal I just see the happy, beautiful result I created.  

I don’t see all of the scheduling issues that popped up throughout my days and weeks as I worked on my goal.  I don’t see the kids’ illnesses or my low-energy days when a nap sounded so good.  I don’t see the stress I felt when the tech issue was messed up for days and no one could seem to know how to resolve it.  I also don’t see all my negative thoughts that tried to creep up in my mind to keep me in my comfort zone.  

So what do we do about this inevitable problem of obstacles so we can actually come through on the other side?  That’s where the success is.  It’s on the other side of fear.  It’s on the other side of these problems.  

How to pivot through obstacles to reach our goals

How do we get to the other side, you ask?  Let me tell you.  (It’s really not as hard as we thought.)  We just keep going.  

Yep.  That’s it.  Simple, right?  

Yes, but it’s not easy!  

This is what I do and what I recommend my clients do as well.

I brainstorm all the issues that may attempt to derail me before I even begin embarking on my new journey towards my goal.  I think of all the bad stuff that I may have to overcome and then tell myself, “Here are several problems that may happen, BUT I know that every problem always has a solution.  So, if I stumble upon one of these problems, then I just need to focus on finding the solution, implement the solution, and move on.”  

For example, as I created my latest coaching program I listed out all the areas I may come across challenges.  Things like email marketing software, FB ads, website issues, scheduling in my weeks where I could devote to building the program, links for booking sessions, the video platform for the call sessions, and more.  

As soon as I actually dumped out all the possible problem areas onto paper, seeing them with my own eyes made them seem real.  And as soon as they became real, then I felt like I could tackle them if they “acted up”.  My mind felt clearer and my focus skyrocketed.  All these things then allowed me to have the mental energy to create my coaching program, thereby coming so much closer to my end goal of launching the program to my tribe.  

I love watching Friends reruns and one of my all time favorite episodes was when Ross is trying to get his new couch up the stairs of his apartment building.  He came across a problem when he realized that the couch was too big to make the turn around the corner.  He kept yelling, “pivot, pivot!!” but still the couch wouldn’t fit.  His determination was so strong that he tried countless times to get that couch up those stairs.  He wasn’t going to let anything get in his way.  Eventually, Ross’s solution was to cut the couch in half in order to make it fit, but I’m sure if you get creative with your own problem you can find a solution that brings you closer to your goal.  

Sometimes when you set out on a goal you realize that it doesn’t go as smoothly and easily as planned, but if you get creative you can always find a solution to your problem.

I just heard a quote on a podcast the other day that the host doesn’t use the term “problem” as he strives towards his goals.  He used the term “puzzle” instead.  He finds puzzles fun and as a creative mind game where there is always a solution. The term “problem” is so negative and makes you feel helpless so he avoids even the word.

I encourage you in your life to think like Ross and don’t give in to obstacles.  Get creative with finding a solution to your “puzzles” and you will come through to the other side, which is where all your success is waiting for you!