Achieve Success by Acting As If You Already Succeeded


Have you ever wondered how some people seem to push through their obstacles and move closer and closer to their goals consistently?  They don’t seem to have all these freak out moments and vicious cycles of second guessing and self doubt.  

One strategy I have found helpful, and that I have come across countless times during my study of successful people, is that they have an “Act as If” thought process.  


Here's how to achieve success by acting as if you already succeeded...


What is the “Act as if” Strategy?

The “Act as If” strategy is simply acting how you wish your ideal self would act in a given situation.  Keeping in mind how you know you want to behave will help you make a decision as to how you will proceed.  

For example, if you are upset with someone and you feel like yelling, you can pause and imagine yourself handling the situation the way you wish you would.  

Or, if you are training for a half marathon and you don’t feel like tackling that 10 mile run you’re scheduled to do, you can imagine your ideal self waking up with a happy, positive attitude ready to tackle that long run.  

The overall idea is that you are acting as if you are who you are striving to be.  Some people call this, “fake it til you make it”. Either way, you are taking control of your mind and creating the results you desire by performing the actions it takes to reach your goal.  


Switch Your Thinking

Our brains are pretty incredible and their only job is to keep us alive.  Whenever we do something new or challenging, our brain perceives this as a threat and tells us to stay safe.  It is literally telling us to stay in our comfort zone, not take the action, and to keep things as they are.  We all know that we could never achieve our greatness by listening to this voice in our heads.  We have to outsmart our brains and reach for those challenges and keep growing. 

If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know I love Brooke Castillo’s model that she teaches when helping her clients reach their goals.  The model (C-T-F-A-R) goes like this:  our circumstance leads to our thoughts, our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings dictate our actions, our actions give us our results.  

If you are working towards a certain result or goal, then you can work backwards through the model to determine what thoughts you need to be thinking.  

For example, if you are working towards building a business, then you would write “I have a thriving business doing what I love to do” in the R (result) line.  

Now you can think about what actions you need to take in order to make that goal happen.  Actions such as making connections in your niche, or hiring a business coach, or building a website.  

Next, you need to decide what feelings you will need to have in order to do those actions.  Feelings such as excitement, enthusiasm, fulfilled, empowered.

Now you need to consider what thoughts you need to be thinking in order to feel that way.  Thoughts such as, “I have knowledge that other people find valuable and will pay money for”, “I know I can work on my business a little bit every day to provide value to my ideal client.”

As you can see with this example, if you can train your mind to think the appropriate thoughts then you can create whatever result you desire.    

I challenge you to use the “Act as If” strategy this week and work hard each day to become the person you need to become in order to live the life you are striving to design.  

Now, act as if you’re awesome…...because you are!