How to Create a Personal Mission Statement

I believe everyone should take time to write their personal mission statement.  It is your guiding light as to how you will spend your life.  Just as companies have mission statements that help them make big decisions within the corporation, you can do the same with your life. | Productivity Coaching with Emily Swanda | Productivity Coaching with Emily Swanda

What is a Personal Mission Statement?

A personal mission statement is simply a sentence or 2 that explains how you want to live your life and describe what you want to feel at the end of your life.  

Why were you put on this earth?  What are your talents and gifts that you can share with the world?  What is your calling?  On your dying day what is it that will make you feel satisfied and complete?

Why we need a Personal Mission Statement

Our daily lives are so chaotic these days that we tend to live day by day just reacting to the situations and events that pop up.  If we set up a mission statement using our values and priorities that are most important to us, it will make it clear what we should spend our lives doing.  You will then feel more satisfied with your life and feel like you are doing what you were put on this earth to do.  


How to write your Personal Mission Statement

After you brainstorm your values and priorities, go ahead and narrow them down to the top 2 or 3.  

Are you currently living life based on those?  If not, make a plan to change it.  Use those values and priorities to write a couple sentences for your mission statement.  Mine looks like this:  

My key priority is my husband and 2 kids.  My values are family time, health, living my best life.  Here is what my Personal mission statement looks like:   I will be in attendance at my kids’ events.  I will not feel any guilt when I am honoring my key priority.  I will never put others ahead of my family.  I will create a schedule which allows me to drop off and pick up the children from school and sporting events.  I will limit my work and exercise schedules to hours in the day when my children are asleep or at school.  When I spend time with my family, I will be present and actively involved.  My family will be full of happiness, love and laughter.  We will all know without a doubt, that we are the most important part of our lives.

Another version of my statement may look like this:  "I will live life completely on my terms, where I can focus my time and energy on my most important people and create a ton of value through my coaching business to help women live their most meaningful, productive lives."  

There is no right or wrong way to write your Personal Mission Statement as long as it speaks to you and feels in alignment with your core beliefs.


How to use your Personal Mission Statement

Referring to my Personal Mission Statement frequently gives me permission to say no to opportunities that pop up that don’t keep me focused on my purpose.

My mission statement is clear to anyone who reads it and it will be obvious to myself and others if I begin to veer off track.  If an opportunity comes up that would pull me away from my family I could go back and reread my mission statement and see that it wouldn’t match up.  Therefore, that opportunity won’t provide me with the satisfaction that I am striving for.  

I encourage you to create your own Personal Mission Statement so you have a filter to use when it comes to deciding how to spend your limited time.  We all get one life to live and I am determined to help women use it wisely, in their most meaningful way.