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the program that could change everything for you is here!!

If you are ready to unleash the potential that has been buried deep inside of you for so long and if you're ready to push yourself to new, amazing levels of success, then this program is for you!  

If you are like I was a few years ago when I stomped my heel in the ground and announced to myself (and anyone who was within earshot) that I was DONE living small, safe and comfortable and I was ready to go for my dreams no matter what, then you are in the right place!

This 10 week intensive program will literally give you all the tools you need to design your version of a successful, happy, fulfilling life.  (Guess already have most of the tools inside of you but no one taught you how to USE them.  Little good a vice grip will do you if you don't know HOW to use it, right?)  

Good news, I messed around long enough trying a variety of things and using a variety of strategies, wasting sooooo much precious time that I organized #allthethings into a neat and tidy 10 week program that will give you AMAZING results.  

I'm also going to walk beside you every...single...step....of....the....way so you can keep up your momentum, energy and progress that you will be cracking open that champagne before you know it!  (Maybe we can have a virtual party?)

 Don't just take my word for how beneficial this program is.  You can hear it from my previous clients who made massive strides towards living their dream life in only a matter of weeks during the last round of the program.  

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Nora Says:

My main goal for signing up was to organize big and little goals in my head and create a plan on paper. I had sheer volumes of things I had been committed to. My first reaction- was I don't know where or how to start? I had just begun by making daily routines and that was my starting line. I felt propelled to move forward and really tackle what needed to change with time management/priorities and focus.

During our call sessions, I was getting SO much feedback in every possible avenue. I was gaining insight into what was working and what was not. With Emily's help I now have a whole list of resources and applications to reach out to when I need more clarity or guidance in finding the reasons why I feel A, B or C. It was eye opening to see when and how I block myself from being productive or making excuses when I shouldn't. Our talks were so relaxed and down to earth- I would take this course over and over again!

After each call, I knew I had a plan to keep me accountable for the next week. And I also had the tools I needed to stay on task and check off my to do list.  I would say that Emily is a huge problem solver! She's dedicated to finding what skills work for you and creating change in you to get there. Plus she's so genuine and nice you'll feel like you've known her for years!

Now I know the best ways to prioritize my day and creating lists and steps really works for me. My mindset is organized and I'm no longer afraid to step away from things I may not have been fully committed to or just don't have time for. I feel much more motivated moving forward and with a clearer picture of what I truly want in the next 365 days. Thank you Emily!


Pamela says: 

When Emily first shared her group program, I thought to myself "That sounds cool but I don't need another thing on my plate." I ended up joining in after she responded to my comment on a goals post talking about the program. I'm so glad that I did. I love how personal and motivating she made each and every session. She went above and beyond to share tools and resources that could help with just about anything. If she didn't have a trick up her sleeve that could help you, then she went out and found one. I'd highly recommend working with her if you get the chance.


if you are no longer willing to settle for surviving, but want to thrive, enroll today before the spots are filled.  The next round won't open til january and i want you well on your way by then!


Here's what's inside this life-changing program:

  • Weekly calls with me to discuss your personal unique situation, desires, goals, obstacles, etc.
  • Support from me in designing your own action-plan that will lead you to your success. 
  • Weekly implementation exercises to give you the opportunity to put the new knowledge into practice.  
  • Unlimited email support with me in between our weekly calls.
  • Your own personal accountability partner,  me!!
  • Worksheets to guide you through the topics of the week.
  • Video recordings of our calls so you can have lifetime access to all the good stuff!
  • Access to the private Facebook community where other women, just like you hang out and support one another.

so what's the investment for this game-changer of a program?

Doors Open September 1st at the Early Bird price of $797 (regularly $997).  

Bonus 60-Minute Session with me for FREE (if you sign up before midnight on Monday September 4th.)    

As of September 5th, the price goes up to $997 and the bonus session disappears.  

get in on this before the 5 spots are filled.  I want you to create massive success for the end of 2017!!

by investing in yourself you are declaring that you are ready to go for ifs, ands, or buts about it.  you are acknowledging that you are worth the time, effort and money and you are capable of amazing things.  I can't wait to go on this journey with you!  


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still not sure if this program is for you and your dreams?  book a free call with me here!