your savvy success course days 1-3

day 1

I am super excited to have you join me for this email course, “Design Your Savvy Success”! I get so giddy when I begin a new project or challenge for my community. Meeting new women and growing the relationships with the women who have been following me for awhile is so fun for me.

If you’re not already a part of my Facebook group called Your Savvy Success, join me there so we can really connect! I will also be hopping on Facebook Live during the challenge to discuss the lessons.

In case you don’t know much about me, let me give you a brief overview. My name is Emily and I’m a wife and mother of 2 sons ages 10 and 7. I own and operate two businesses; a house cleaning business which I started in college and my coaching business called EMproved Life, where I help women achieve goals that will lead them to their version of success.

When I’m not working (can I even call it work?!) I am spending time with my family (usually at the boys’ sporting events) or working out, running or reading. (I’m trying to live to be at least 100 years old so I have time to read all of the books I have on my list!)


This email course is not your ordinary free course. This course will truly be the first step in designing the life you’ve only dreamed of. We naturally put limits on our dreams and desires (probably from preconceived notions from childhood or societal views) but I’m going to show you that with the proper steps and mindset shifts you can absolutely create the life you’ve dreamed of.

During this 5 day email challenge we will reflect on your current life; the good, the bad and the ugly. You will spend time thinking about what you like about your life and what you would like to change.

You will also get crystal clear on what you want your dream life to look like and then form a plan to get you there.

Throughout my process of designing my life exactly how I wanted it, I had to overcome many obstacles along the way. It was scary, uncomfortable and amazing all at the same time. I learned things about myself that I never would have learned if I had stayed in my comfort zone. I also experienced many wonderful things that I would’ve missed out on had I just settled for my “good” life.

Now that I’ve made it through to the other side where I created my version of a successful life, I have an overwhelming passion to help other women bridge the gap between the life they’re leading and the life they are striving to build.Life is too short to settle and we are each capable of making our life how we desire it. Let's not just survive, let's thrive!!!

Today’s assignment is to ponder the following questions and write down your answers on paper. (writing them on paper is huge!)

  • What are the lies you tell yourself on a daily basis? This can include things such as "I can't create a life where I have time and financial freedom." "I am not smart enough to earn six-figures." "I am not capable of losing weight and keeping it off."  "I am not good at technology."

Write those lies on a sheet of paper but leave about 3-4 empty lines in between each. I recommend taking about 15-20 minutes on this activity and really empty out all of the lies from your brain.

Now in the spaces between all of the lies, go ahead and write down a sentence stating the truth to combat that lie. Use a different color pen for this step so it really stands out.

You're doing great! Let's move on to the second question.

  • What are your big ideas/dreams for your future life where there are no self-limiting beliefs?

This is an exercise for you to journal about what you want your dream life to be like. I always ask my clients to start a Dream Life Journal where they write a story about a character living their idea of the perfect life. Describe her life in extreme detail. How does she spend her days? Who does she spend her time with? What does she look like? How does she feel? Where does she live? What hobbies does she enjoy? How much money does she earn? What is her job/career?

Next question......

  • What are the 3 most common feelings you have on a daily basis?

I want you to consider a typical day within the past week or two and write down what 3 feelings you experience the majority of time? If you notice you do not enjoy those common feelings, then it is a good sign that you need to make some changes in your life so you can feel better. Can you begin thinking about what you can do to make those changes?

day 2

The first part of today's assignment is to look back at your LIE/TRUTH sheet that you wrote yesterday. Read each lie and its truth out loud 3 times. So you will say, "(Lie), (truth), (lie), (truth), (lie), (truth)." Then go on to the next lie on the sheet and repeat the same steps. "(Lie), (truth), (lie), (truth), (lie), (truth)."

Doing this exercise helps your brain create an association between the lie and the truth. The intention is to have your brain automatically combat the lie that it's so used to hearing and immediately negate it with the truth. Over time you will notice that the lie has faded from your habitual thought process and you are now stating the truth. Tricky, huh?!

We do not want our mind to be left unattended pouring out all of these negative beliefs and these limitations we put on ourselves. Our brains are so good at keeping us safe and in our comfort zones because it knows we will be able to survive in this state.

The thing we have to battle with is that we want to achieve and experience things far beyond our comfort zone where we are taking risks and behaving in new, unfamiliar ways. Logically we know we will still be safe but our primitive brain is doing what it does best...survival.

When you catch your mind telling you a lie or stating a self-limiting belief, don't let it win. Stand your ground and take control. It's actually kind of like parenting. Your brain is the 2 year old child and you are the parent who needs to act responsibility to make sure everyone stays safe.

Here's a simple way I think of it and I learned this method from Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School. She teaches what she calls The Model. The Model states that your

Circumstance creates your Thoughts

Your Thoughts create your Feelings

Your Feelings create your Actions

Your Actions give you your Results


If you are unsatisfied with any of these areas you just need to fill in the model according to your situation. If you want a specific result then work backwards and determine what actions you need to take; then what feelings you need to be feeling to do those actions; then which thoughts you need to be thinking in order to feel those feelings.


The second part of today's assignment is to use The Model and plug in your current situation. Take time to notice what shifts in your mindset you need to work on. What I do is write the initials of The Model on the left side of my paper, and then fill in the details beside it.






An example is:

C: I am a wife, mother, dream of being a business owner, and have limited time to devote to my goals.

T: I am not capable of building a business because I don't have time.

F: I am very frustrated and angry that I can't do what I want.

A: I don't make any attempt to move forward on my dream.

R: Every day is the same and gets me no where nearer my goal.


I could redo the model by plugging in my desired result in the R line and then working backwards to determine what thoughts I need to keep thinking in order to make it happen.

I would fill in the model as follows:

R: I have an amazing business that lights me up and makes me feel valuable and successful.

A: I get up each day complete my 3 most important tasks (MITs) for the day that will lead me to having my business.

F: I am energized and excited.

T: I have all the knowledge (or access to the knowledge) that I need in order to move forward with this business over the course of several months. It's not a race.

C: I am a wife, mother, and dream of starting my own business.


See how powerful our thoughts can be? Now it's your turn to fill in your model!

day 3

Today’s assignment is to look at your journal entry about the life you want to achieve.

I want you to picture your future self living your dream life and ask yourself how she got there.


  • What did she do to accomplish this wonderful life?
  • Did she change careers?
  • Did she pursue an education?
  • Did she add or eliminate people in her life?
  • Did she change her environment?
  • Did she change her mindset?
  • Did she treat money differently?
  • What goals did she set and achieve?
  • What desires did she keep in the forefront of her mind to keep her motivated?
  • What type of support system or accountability did she have during the process?
  • Who is sharing this life with her?
  • What fears did she eliminate from her mind?
  • What beliefs did she have about herself and her capabilities?
  • How did she overcome criticism?
  • Did she have any quotes or affirmations that helped her keep her mind in the right place?
  • What are the top 3 feelings she feels each day?

What goal do you need to work on in order to create that life? We are setting our SMART goal today so you will know what it is you're working towards each day.

The S in smart means Specific. You write your goal out in a very specific and detailed way. Anyone could read your goal and know what it is.

The M in smart means Measurable. What unit of measure are you using? Time, money, pounds, etc.

The A in smart means Attainable. Is this goal within your reach and you actually believe you can attain it?

The R in smart means Relevant or Rewarding. Is this goal in alignment with your current life and your priorities/values? Is this goal going to bring you the satisfaction you desire?

The T is smart means Time bound. When will the goal be reached? What is your deadline?


Write your goal down so you can see it often. Tell your friends and family about it if you think it will help you stay motivated. The fun really starts to happen tomorrow as we begin designing your action plan that will lead you to achieving this goal!